Sustainability Report 2021

Each tree and each piece of wood are unique – and fascinating as well. We regard it as our privilege to craft high-end parquet floors from this versatile natural product. We feel obliged to deal sustainably with our resources – and that over the whole of the value chain.

As leading European parquet manufacturer, we have the responsibility to leave as small an ecological footprint as possible – this we owe to nature, to future generations and to ourselves. That is why we continually optimise and develop our holistic sustainability strategy.

Within the Bauwerk Group, we have summarised our areas of responsibility into four action fields: “Healthy solutions”, “Protected environment”, “Motivated employees” and “Fair business”. In the following, we would like to share with you the most important highlights and successes we have achieved during the last year.

You can read the entire Sustainability Report here.

Action area: Health and Safety

As individuals we spend 80 to 90 % of our lives indoors, inhaling and exhaling 10 to 20 m3 of air a day. In order to guarantee a high quality of air and a healthy life and work environment, the glues, lacquers and oils we use in the production of our parquet floors must be absolutely safe health-wise and processed with care. 

One of the main successes in the field “Healthy solutions” was that the product range with Eco-Institute label has been extended to our 3-layer-assortment (exception: oiled and smoked floors). With our brand, we stand for parquet of high quality that is harmless to health and even has positive effects on our well-being. This is proven by independent institutes.

Action area: Protected environment

Wood is by far the most important raw material in our business. Our success is dependent on it and thus directly on an intact environment. The responsible sourcing of wood and wood products, the efficient use of resources, and obviously the sun belongs to this category, as well as the reduction of greenhouse emissions, are our most important contributions.

The main successes in the field “Intact environment” were the decrease of direct VOC emissions in our Swiss factory by 45% and the increased share of sustainable certified raw material increased by more than 10%.

Furthermore, we started to produce our own green energy with the help of solar panels at our main production sites.

We are also proud of having successfully integrated our production sites Croatia and Lithuania into our environment management system according to ISO Standard 14001.

Action area: Motivated employees

The decisive factor for the success of our company are our employees. Their competence, their commitment, their creativity, flexibility, and loyalty make our internationally producing and active company strong and ready for the future. That is why we want them to feel secure and respected with us – in a fair and appreciative environment. As an employer we carry the responsibility for their health and well-being, as well as for their professional development.

Our group-wide employee survey shows that the level of employee satisfaction increased compared to the previous year.

Another main success in the field “Motivated employees” was the implementation of a Synchronised Production System (SPS) at all production sites. The goal is to improve efficiency and to give more room for individual development. This creates a company culture where everyone is continually searching for potentials for improvement.

Action area: Fair business

We behave decently – and without compromise. There is a zero-tolerance policy embedded in our group-wide company regulations against corruption. The fight against corruption is a central concern of our company, and an integral part of our employees' training, discussions, and performance evaluations, as well as a fixed part of all meetings of the management teams.

In the business year 2021, second year in a row, no potential cases of corruption were reported.


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